Pricing: Written or quoted prices are subject to a proportionate increase to meet increased cost of food, labor, and taxes.

Rooms are not considered booked until a deposit is received. $200.00 deposit is standard but is subject to change based on the size of your event. Tentative bookings will be held for 1 week only.

Gratuities are based on the total cost of the event, including additional event services. 19% gratuity is to be applied to all events; 15% to service personnel and 4% to supervisory personnel. Applicable sales tax, which in is currently 8.75% will also be added to your total bill. Tax exempt organizations must present tax exempt certificate prior to the day of the event. Payment must be made with a check that matches the name of the tax exempt organization.

A 40 person (adult) paid minimum is required to reserve any of our banquet rooms Tues-Sat. Sundays require a 60 person (adult) paid minimum. To utilize our banquet room/s a room fee of $75 (small banquet room 40-60ppl), $125 (large banquet room 40-150ppl), or $175 (both rooms - up to 240 ppl) will be applied to your total bill. Payment is due the day of the event by cash or check. To cover processing fees 3% will be added to events which are paid by credit.

Final count is due 2 weeks prior to the event date for all parties other than memorials. This “guaranteed” amount will be the amount for which you will be charged even if fewer guests attend. If your attendance if greater, you are then responsible for the total number served. Ripa’s will prepare for 5% variance above the “guaranteed” amount.

No alcoholic beverages may be brought into Ripa’s from any outside source or taken out of the facility. It is a Ripa’s policy that no “shots” shall be served at the event bar. Ripa’s reserves the right to refuse alchoholic beverages to anyone who may jeopardize their safety and/or the safety of others. No one under 21 will be served.

If your function requires split menu selections, it is your responsibility to provide a color coded seating card for each guest to ensure proper service. People arriving late will only be served the course being served and remaining courses.

Ripa’s will not assume the responsibility for any merchandise or articles left in the banquet room during or after the event. No confetti, glitter, bubbles, rice, feather boas or similar products that require extra maintenance can be used on the property. Doing so will result in an additional cleaning charge of $200.00 added to your bill. Nothing can be hung on the walls or ceiling without prior authorization by Ripa’s management.

Ripa’s reserves the right to substitute an alternate function room should your projected attendance fall considerably below the original estimate.

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